Whitewolf introduction

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Whitewolf introduction

Postby WhiteWolf » 13 Apr 2016 13:14

The wolf is a 38 years old dutchmen

@ the age of 7 i got my first computer was the good old 8 bit C64
started with an datarecorder and a powercartridge (faster loading of the games)
To play copied tapes you had to adjust the screw of the tapeheader otherwise the game wouldend play and you only got syntax errors
A handy technical neighbour of a friend of mine was able to fit me a headphone connection into the datarecorder so i was able to play almost al copied tapes
You just adjusted the screw to get the loudest and highest beeping data sound ( the sound can be compared with the beeping connecting sound of a 56k modem when its calling into the internet )
One of the first games i played was outrun barbarian yi ar kung fu and metrocross
More and more friends of mine got a C64 and it became more and more popular and the thing to have back then
Not long after that we were able to upgrade the C64 with a floppy drive and ive upgraded my C64 with a final3 cartridge
My buddy pascal recommended it to me and ive learned a lot from him how to use the machine and its components
This was the moment i got into the scene and laid my hands on the first cracked games/software who were equiped with a intro and a trainer
The Gang , 1001 crew ,Blackmail, Dominators, Nuclear, Ikari Talent, Hotline, Fairlight, Triad, 711 (seven eleven) Vision are just a few names of
groups that brought out many software (demos) and cracked trained games back then

Image Image

Image Image

And i had a lot of floppies with so called warez from these groups that i swapped with my friends for other warez it was really a nice time
Spend hours and hours looking at the intros and listen to the cool dreamy futuristic sid tunes and reading the scrollers whats going on
Even in the 80s there was a lot of bitching and fighting going on between rival groups
If you really wanted to know the ins and outs and hot spicey scene news you should have read a diskmag like Rock & Role or sex n crime

Image Image

Pascal was a treu mentor to me a few years older so i looked upto him and wanted to do the cool things he could
So my gaming days were over i became more interested in the developing and creating own creations on the lil 8bit
i wanted to create the cool demos and cracktroz the pixelart logos i wanted to knew and learn al about them
Wel Pascal then helped me and showed me round and what it takes to create those things he could program basic a little bit not much
But he also had friends who were members or where connected with some wel known groups
And gues what it seemed that back in the old days the big scene crews wrote their own intromaking scripts for their crew members
It was really sick how manny cracktro game releases some of the earlier mentioned groups brought out back then
And to be nr1 you have to be fast the first and be massaproductive to spread your name al over the continents
The first intromaker ive seen and used was the one of Fairlight the one with the dum dum dum song


Download here : http://noname.c64.org/csdb/release/?id=28453
Nothing fancy only a few options
This is a screenshot of the menu :


There were quite a few of these cracktromakers and demomakers out back then
Another one i used a lot was the one from 711 (Seven Eleven) intromaker 3


These were the options :
download here :

if you want more there are 42 introdesigners available for C64 on that site

Or download my AIO package with more then 100 intromakers demomakers for C64 here

Ive spended hours and hours toying round with them
Thats why i was so pleased to see osdm a nice oldskool intro demomaker tool for windows os platform
Now i could bring back old memories
And be creative in a few mouseklicks
show my logos or other graphical artworks to other people i design for with a nice sound and cool effects
i sure hope that we can keep this cool oldskool thing alive
I see loads of creative people there with great ideas and wonderfull creations
Some of the guys there even brought out another cool designer called intromaniac
respect to Epyx and inc and the rest of the crew that spends so much time and effort in this pretty cool intro creator
Its Volkert Peace that started this and did an awesome job on OSDM and who wasnt afraid to share his knowledge with the rest of us
And ofcourse ReBell who got us al a place @ the deltaforce forum together to hang out and come together and learn My complete collection of 10 years using osdm.
its a pitty sites like Pouet doesnt see that and support the idea that there are a lot of people out there who want to take part of this demo and introscene and are very motivated to take part of it and learn
I understand that they want new innovated coded cracktros demos and that it is very annoying to see much the same productions over and over again ( wich wasnt any different back in the 80s and 90s )
But i see it like this there are so many other skills needed for a good production then only just coding
I mean graphics musicans 3d designers pixel shader artist font creators etc etc
OSDM and Intromaniac makes it possible that if you only master 1 of the things i mentioned above to be able to create wonderfull things
And thats why we iNC and i decided to bring this Designing and mentor thingy to a next level with AfterMath
Aftermath : (the ​period that ​follows an ​unpleasant ​event or ​accident, and the ​effects that it ​causes)
Well for us it has a more lighter meaning
AfterMath means for us the period that follows after a long period of keeping intro/demomaking coding a secret and mystery to outsiders and newbees
Wel Aftermath wil be a Community were we the oldskool and newskool come together and hopefully pass through many knowledge and new uprising Productions and ideas and produce a lot of awesome stuff

Remember creative people rule have fun greets Whitey the big fat bald buddah :icon_respekt:
(¯`·._.·currently working on Windows [AM]WEBDEFF Editor DemoTool Project.·._.·´¯)

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Re: Whitewolf introduction

Postby RogueOne » 01 Jun 2016 16:55

Hi Wolf.
Really cool story. Also great intro making stuff. I will have a play around with them.

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Re: Whitewolf introduction

Postby WhiteWolf » 02 Jun 2016 22:51

Thanks Rogue your welcome buddy if you need help with something just let me know have fun :icon_2thumbs:
(¯`·._.·currently working on Windows [AM]WEBDEFF Editor DemoTool Project.·._.·´¯)


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