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Hello World

Posted: 14 Apr 2017 20:27
by omnikam
Hello All, my name is omnikam, im from Australia and im in my 40`s
Ive been into computers since my vic 20 days. I loved my C64 and Amiga 500. I wasnt into programing because i coulnt get my head around it, but last year i started to learn purebasic, until my hard drive died and i lost all my code :icon_verzweifelt:
But after many months im getting back into it, secretly as my wife thinks its a waste of time and really rides me for it :icon_lol:
Ive always enjoyed intro`s especially on the Amiga, i remember sitting around with my mates watching some and wondering how they pushed the Amiga so far.
I found this site because i googled purebasic glsl and found inc`s tool, so thanks inc :icon_kinggrin:

Re: Hello World

Posted: 14 Apr 2017 21:13
by WhiteWolf
Hello Omnikam
Welcome to Aftermath Creations the names tells it al we are stil living and reliving the things from the past trying to keep these wonderful things alive and available for the next generation.
We hope you have a great time here with us and feel free to share some of your work there are a lot of possibilities on this board to do that.
Thanks for joining and introducing yourself here.

Greets Whitey