KrazyK Introduction

Members can introduce and tell something about themselve here.
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KrazyK Introduction

Postby KrazyK » 24 Dec 2016 16:13

Hi All,
My turn for an brief introduction.
It all started by going around my mates house every night to play on his Gunship on his C64. My folks wouldn't buy me a computer one and he was a spoilt kid who got everything he wanted!
I then persuaded him to buy an Atari ST as one of my other mates had bought one and his games were a lot better than the C64 games. Sneaky I know. We played Gunship and F19 Stealth Fighter forever after that.
Another friend had just bought his first Amiga and then the ST v Amiga battle commenced.
When I could finally afford one I then bought my own ST and started using ST Basic, then GFA Basic and created a savegame editor for F19 stealth fighter that modified sectors on the disk. Yes, I did cheat by taking my roster disk to my mates house and he was very impressed at all of my Congressional Medals of Honour and my Purple Hearts.:icon_jumpgrin:

It wasn't until I met a couple of members of Automation at my local disk copying meets that I got interested in cracking the games I had been copying. 68000 assembler was a strange thing to pick up but I learned enough to crack some tricky potections. My best one being BAAL which had a non-standard format, cartridge, disk and checksum protections and no files, all sector loaded. i still have the code somewhere for this which I may post if I can find it.
I often went around to my Amiga friend and was amazed at some of the cracktros on his machine though.
In amongst this I was using STOS for my demos and trainers which was a great little language, albeit very slow. The day before before I sold my ST I had just cracked The Chaos Engine and that was the end of an era..........until I bought an STe in 2003 and started all over again.
Then along came the STEEM emulator and PureBasic and I started remaking the intros I could never create back then. The process of ripping gfx, music and code and putting it all together has taught me a lot....but there is still a lot to learn as some cracktros are still proving tricky to remake.

Thanks for the invite WhiteWolf
(-_-) ĸrazyĸ - reмaĸιng ѕт cracĸтroѕ ιn pυreвaѕιc (-_-)

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Re: KrazyK Introduction

Postby WhiteWolf » 24 Dec 2016 21:05

Yeah the Retro-Cracktro-Remaker has arrived..... :icon_l33t: KrazyK :icon_l33t:

Hello and welcome to AfterMath KrazyK...
Im happy to see that you accepted my invitation.
I would also like to thank you for taking some time to introduce yourself here.
Very nice history and recornizable for me, thats how things went back in the days.
The kids of 0day find it very normal to have a PC, Console, Tablet, Mobile phone.... etc etc
But back in the days it was a luxury to have a computer or gaming device...
And it was not priority and accesable for most common households...
But the times have changed i gues....

Wel krazyK i hope you enjoy your stay here @ The AfterMath Scene Grounds......
Greets your friend Whitewolf...
(¯`·._.·currently working on Windows [AM]WEBDEFF Editor DemoTool Project.·._.·´¯)


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