[5xGLSL.Course] TyphoonLabs’ GLSL Course.....

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[5xGLSL.Course] TyphoonLabs’ GLSL Course.....

Postby WhiteWolf » 08 Jan 2017 19:10

Official Source : TyphoonLabs


I have found a nice 5 chapter OpenGL Shading Language Course Published by TyphoonLabs.
These training courses are full with a lot of interesting things from A/Z to learn about this interesting GLSL coding language.

The course is parted in 5 chapters written by Jacobo Rodriguez Villar (TyphoonLabs)

Screenshots of the course chapters.

Image Image

Image Image


Index of al Chapters and their contents :

Code: Select all

TyphoonLabs' OpenGL Shading Language tutorials

Chapter 1: Introduction to GLSL

- An Introduction to Programmable Hardware

- Brief History of the OpenGL Programmable Hardware Pipeline

- Fixed Function vs. Programmable Function


* Programmable Function Scheme

* Fixed Function Scheme

- Shader 'Input' Data


* Uniform Variables

* Vertex Attributes


* Varying Variables

- Shader 'Output' Data


* Vertex Shader

* Fragment Shader

- Simple GLSL Shader Example

- Shader Designer IDE


* User Interface


* Toolbar


* Menu


* State Properties



+ Light States



+ Vertex States



+ Fragment States


* Code Editor Window


* Uniform Variables Manager

Chapter 2: GLSL Basics

- Introduction

- GLSL Language


* Mechanisms Borrowed from C++

* Character Set


* Pre-processor Keywords


* Comments


* Variables and Types


* Type Descriptions


* Type Qualifiers


* Operators and Preference


* Subroutines


* Flow Control


* Built-in Variables


* Built-in Constants


* Built-in Attributes


* General Built-in Uniform States


* Varying Variables


* Built-in Functions

Chapter 3: GLSL Basic Shaders

- Introduction

- First Basic Shader


* Simple Shader 1


* Simple Shader 2: Using Varying Variables

- Using Built-in Uniforms and Attributes

- Texturing and Multitexturing (Vertex Attributes)

- Discard Shader and Subroutines

- Simple Illumination Model 1

- Simple Illumination Model 2: Per Vertex Specular & Glossines


Chapter 4: Advanced Shaders

- Introduction

- Per Pixel Illumination Model

- Bump Mapping

- Simple Parallax Shader

- Mandelbrot Shader (Flow Control)

- Advanced Illumination Model

Chapter 5: Appendix

- Using GLSL Shaders Within OpenGL Applications


* Loading and Using Shaders


* Using Uniforms


* Using Textures


* Using Vertex Attributes

- How To Use the 3DSMax5 Mesh Exporter

- References

The 5 PDF files of this course are packed into 1 rar archive.

Have fun ..........

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