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[AMIGA]Basic Cracktro/Demo Rip Tutorial by Christian Murtas

Posted: 01 Jan 2017 17:15
by WhiteWolf

Christian Murtas is a active Amiga cracktro/demo (CODEF_Lib) RetroRemaker.
You can have a look HERE to see his personal collection of CODEF Remakes.

As you can see Christian is doing a great job on his Amiga scene cracktro remakes.
And he also likes to share his knowledge and background work to realize these 1 on 1 remakes
On his site you can find a nice Basic Amiga cracktro/demo Rip Tutorial video made by him
This 18minute video explains step by step how to rip Amiga cracktro/demo/intro contents on a windows os machine.
This is basicly done with WINUAE the nr1 windows os platform/Amiga emulator.

Official WINUAE website

If you are active or interested in Amiga cracktro/demo RetroRemakes
Using the Codef lib or whatever coding language you work with
Then you must see this great and plain tutorial.

Have fun ripping greets WhiteWolf

Special thanks to Christian Murtas

EDiT : I have tested this video tutorial myself and discovered that for the logo or gfx ripping part you need a standalone program called GfxRip V1.08
The operating of GfxRip is kinda tricky it must be done manually by several command types.
I have found a great step by step tutorial how to operate GfxRip here

Re: Basic [Amiga] Cracktro/Demo Rip Tutorial by Christian Murtas

Posted: 01 Jan 2017 18:17
by inc
a nice simple "christian" logo. like it

Re: Basic [Amiga] Cracktro/Demo Rip Tutorial by Christian Murtas

Posted: 03 Jan 2017 16:09
by WhiteWolf
[UPDATE] Added some usefull information to the original topic ....

My first amiga cracktro gfx rip done with this tutorial and GfxRip program :

Stage one logo/gfx ripping COMPLETED

Re: [AMIGA]Basic Cracktro/Demo Rip Tutorial by Christian Murtas

Posted: 07 Mar 2017 19:55
by WhiteWolf
Update : Christian Murtas has made a new Amiga cracktro Ripping youtube Video
This time he used Skid Row cracktro Blazing Thunder.

Christian wrote : A big hello to Brainwalker for his very very nice cracktros
True scope: manual unpacking unknown packer
Funny scope: change Skid Row logo with our logo :)
Tools: Asm-one Winuae debugger Action replay Photoshop Gfxripper IFF converter Winhex
ps: i think there are million ways to make it better... this is only one way, my way. Just For Fun! :) :)