[VS2010] problem making YASM Debug right

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[VS2010] problem making YASM Debug right

Postby WhiteWolf » 21 Apr 2016 02:02

Hello im running visual studio 2010

I want to compile the Farbraush werkzeug3 package they provide on Github Demo/tools 2001 2011

This is the readme they put inside the werkzeug3 folder


If you have VC 2010 installed and YASM in your path, you should be able to compile
Werkkzeug3 out of the box, albeit with some warnings.

As usual, there were some minor changes made to get it to compile with VS2010.
The player_mobile stuff was just removed from the solution - the mobile stuff was
for PDA targets running Windows CE, and compiled using Embedded VC6. Vile stuff.
Didn't seem worth the hassle, because *nobody* has the right build environment for
this anymore anyway.

A clean compile should be able to play back debris, if you find the right op to
view :).

So i went to http://yasm.tortall.net/Download.html
downloaded the w32 for VS2010 Win32 VS2010 .zip (for use with VS2010+ on 32-bit Windows)
This is the readme provided for YASM setup in VS2010

The YASM version vsyasm.exe is designed specifically for use
with Visual Studio 2010. To tell Visual Studio where to find
vsyasm.exe, the environment variable YASMPATH can be set to
the absolute path of the directory in which vsyasm.exe is
located (this path should include the final backslash).

Alternatively you can find the directory (or directories)
where the VC++ compiler binaries are located and put copies
of the vsyasm.exe binary in these directories. The typical
location on 64-bit Windows is:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\VC\bin

On 32-bit Windows it is normally at:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\VC\bin

Depending on your system you can use either the win32 or the
x64 version of vsyasm.exe, which must be named vsyasm.exe.

To use the new custom tools facility in Visual Studio 2010, you
need to place a copy of three files - yasm.props, yasm.targets
and yasm.xml - into a location where they can be found by the
Visual Studio build customisation processes. There are several
ways to do this:

a. put these files in the MSBUILD customisation directory,
which is typically at:

C:\Program Files (x86)\MSBuild\Microsoft.Cpp\v4.0\BuildCustomizations


C:\Program Files\MSBuild\Microsoft.Cpp\v4.0\BuildCustomizations

b. put them in a convenient location and set this path in the
'Build Customisations Search Path' in the Visual Studio
'Projects and Solutions|VC++ Project Settings' item in
the 'Tools|Options' menu;

c. put them in a convenient location and set this path in the
'Build Customisation dialogue (discussed later).

To use YASM in a project, right click on the project in the Solution
Explorer and select 'Build Customisations..'. This will give you a
dialog box that allows you to select YASM as an assembler (note that
your assembler files need to have the extension '.asm'). If you have
used option c. above, you will need to let the dialogue find them
using the 'Find Existing' button below the dialogue.

To assemble a file with YASM, select the Property Page for the
file and the select 'Yasm Assembler' in the Tool dialog entry.
Then click 'Apply' and an additional property page entry will
appear and enable YASM settings to be established.

somehow i cant get the package to be compilled out of the box as the guys from farbraush mentioned in their HOW TO INSTALL
im a total new on the visual studio 2010 and try to figure this compiling thingy out
And make this werkzeug3 work as a standalone working windows exe
any help would be great :icon_confused:

Note : This is what they write on their homepage pouet lookalike site about the github code

This is it. Pretty much a history of Farbrausch tools 2001-2011. We've been meaning to release all this for ages, in various forms, and always ended up not doing it because "we'd just have to clean it up a bit first...".

No more. This is *not* cleaned up. This is the raw deal, some from old hard drives, some fresh from various SVN repositories. This is code written for a bunch of different versions of Visual Studio. Some of it is really tricky to compile, some really easy. There's some nice clean stuff there, other parts are just a complete mess.

All of this is released either under a BSD license or put in the public domain (stated per project). Not that you're likely to want to use most of this code, but if you want to, we see no reason to keep you.

So maybe im doing things right and just use the wrong files
Lets make this a nice challenge to the more experienced coders out there to make the creators work as a standalone exe :icon_wallbash:
(¯`·._.·currently working on Windows [AM]WEBDEFF Editor DemoTool Project.·._.·´¯)


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