[OSDM] AfterMath Cracktro installer for ...

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[OSDM] AfterMath Cracktro installer for ...

Postby WhiteWolf » 20 Jan 2017 02:00

I have found another lost cracktro design done by me :icon_irre:
I thought i had posted this cracktro here already but found out that it was the deltaforce osdm board.. :icon_confused:

This is a copy of my post there :

Hiyah the wolf has been toying round with OSDM again and this time i used it for a cracktro installer for SFXMaster.
The Cracktro download is in the first post with the rest of my osdm productions.
I hope you al like it ???
And who knows i might inspire or motivate peace bobo epyx to continue the development of their great tools.

Screenshot :


Youtube video:


Greets WhiteWolf
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