MO3 Encodes and reduces (IT, XM, S3M, MTM, MOD, MPTM)

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MO3 Encodes and reduces (IT, XM, S3M, MTM, MOD, MPTM)

Postby WhiteWolf » 01 May 2016 03:22

After looking and finding ways to reduce the filesize of demo and cracktro keygen productions.
I have found a excellent program to encode and reduce the filesize of the following tracker music extensions.(IT, XM, S3M, MTM, MOD, MPTM)
The program is called MO3 and is created by the creators of XMPlay un4seen
We already have mp3 to reduce the filesize of audio files Divx mp4 to reduce the movie filesizes
And now we have MO3 to reduce MOD Trackermusic filesizes

This is what it looks like and how it works :


This is another screenshot taken after a xm file compression :


As you can see even without finetuning the compression options of the program itself
MO3 reduced the filesize of this song with more then 31%

2 other screenshots taken to show you more specific how much it reduces the filesizes

Before the file was 2,10 MB


After using MO3 encoder the file is only 672 kb


I have added the MO3 and the encoder in the attachment of this post.
Make sure you have installed the MO3 programfile first and after that you extract the OGGENC.rar into the installed program directory of MO3.

The original xm file and the encoded mo3 file that i have worked with and used as a screenshot example in this post
Are also attached in the attachment area
So you can compare and judge the sound quality of both for yourself ( exactly no difference but a 31% smaller filesize )

For more info about MO3 and how to make the MO3 extension playable in your own productions visit the Official un4seen MO3 site
MO3 is a file format, encapsulating the features of several "MOD" formats (IT, XM, S3M, MTM, MOD, MPTM), but with one big difference: MP3 and OGG compressed samples. A lossless codec is also incorporated for any samples that don't like lossy encoding, and the whole file structure is compressed too.

All of this makes it possible to have great reductions in file sizes with practically identical sound quality. In fact, MO3 allows greater quality compositions because MP3/OGG encoding works better with 16-bit samples, so there's no reason to use low quality 8-bit samples anymore.
MO3 files can be played by XMPlay and any software that uses the BASS library, also by other software in conjunction with UNMO3
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