[ TOOL ] collect music information into a txt file

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[ TOOL ] collect music information into a txt file

Postby inc » 21 Apr 2016 03:29

if you have a huge music collection, you absolutely need my tool!


NetFrameWork 3.5 or later needed
Windows only


FolderScan4Music scans a Folder that you can choose through the button,
"Open folder and save summary" for their music content.

This tool look out for Music- or other Media files.
originally, it was programmed to archive MP3 Music.

All existing files in a Folder will be scanned and written into a Text File

called: Summary.rtf.

RTF is a nice and simple Text-File which can be recognized on every OS. It
is no special program needed to open the content.

A saved Text-File contain all found files in alphabetical order,
including its Names and will be listed as follow:


Example for MP3 Files (Name | Playtime | File Extension)

Addictive_Behaviour_ABREC14_L33_Badman_A_Side | 4:36 | .mp3


To remove "Underlines" in a filename, simple activate the checkbox before you
hit the button.

Now you will see titles listet as follow:
Addictive Behaviour ABREC14 L33 Badman A Side | 4:36 | .mp3

Code and Idea: inc

last words:
You can share this tool without my permission. Have fun.

FolderScan4Music.exe can only be used in the current version as it is, that you
has downloaded. Last compilation: 21.04.2016 02:42

FolderScan4Music.exe does not contain a function to delete or something
else that could harm your system or music/ media files.

FolderScan4Music.exe opens only the folder that you have selected and read its
containing files. Sort all in your RAM, is checking values and write em onto your
hard disc. (saved File Location = Tool Location)

Despite careful programming it may possibly occur sporadically,
that antivirus programs nag. This is, however, a
False alert. There is no virus or other crap.

over and out.
inc in 2k16
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