[TOOL] AzurVeda by mankind.

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[TOOL] AzurVeda by mankind.

Postby WhiteWolf » 31 Mar 2017 14:02


Official source Pouet:

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Here is a new demo related tool (for windows) named UVeda, based on a new demo related multiplatform framework, AzurVeda. The link brings to sourceforge's main project download section, The Windows tool binary package (first release) is UVedaGUI20070228_DCBin.zip

The current UVeda package Weight 15Mb because it is configured to generate windows and Dreamcast binaries.(You can generate binaries for each platforms with a simple menu action from the tool.) More platform support will come.

Documentation about AzurVeda and UVeda can be found on the project's website and readme files. Note that the tool is still beta, but should be reliable, and that no productions has been done with it to that date.

Update :

We are happy to announce the second release of the AzurVeda framework, with a new UVeda application for windows.
A lot of things were corrected about the installation, and you will find a lot of new features:

- Now classes are auto-documented: press the '?' button on UVeda's object editors to know everything about a class.

- VedaLibMath now implement a new "Equation By List" class that allows you to edit your equation, and then use them to generate sound, image, 3D objects...

- New resource management system: put all your external resource files used by your context in your .avb binary , or centralize them in a single external directory in one click !

- Tons of buggs correction done for the Dreamcast Machine. We also provide an archive of binaries generated for this console from the UVeda example. (AzurVedaDreamcastUBin20070326.zip)

For a full list of new features and corrections, read the README file in the package UVedaGUI20070326_DCWin.zip go to the download section, try UVeda by opening the .avb examples in the example dir ! Modify them, and generate executables from them !

:-) so, I guess this is more worth to watch it than the previous release :-)

Official sourceforge's main project download :

file directory containing al downloads :
(¯`·._.·currently working on Windows [AM]WEBDEFF Editor DemoTool Project.·._.·´¯)


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