[PSiD64] rip your C64 PSiD to Exe.

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[PSiD64] rip your C64 PSiD to Exe.

Postby WhiteWolf » 27 Dec 2016 22:29


PSID64 is a program that automatically generates a C64 self extracting executable from a PSID file. The executable contains the PSID data, a pre-relocated player and may also - if there is enough space available in the C64 environment - contain a demonstration program with information about the PSID file.

PSID files contain music code and data originally generated on the Commodore 64 (C64). If you're new to PSID files please refer to the introduction chapter of the High Voltage SID Collection documentation for a brief introduction into SID music.

Before PSID64, playing PSID files on a C64 or a C64 emulator has been a rather frustrating experience. The fundamental problem of where to locate the PSID driver has simply not been appropriately addressed. Actually, having a PSID file play at all has been pure luck, since there has been made no attempt to find a memory range that is not written to by the music code. Not surprisingly, a large number of PSID files could not be played at all using existing C64 computers and C64 emulator SID players.

The document "Proposal for C64 compatible PSID files", written by Dag Lem and Simon White extends the PSID format with relocation information. PSID64 is the first implementation of a PSID player intended for playback on a real C64 or C64 environment that uses this relocation information stored in the PSID header.

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