Reflate and FreeArc Sepr decruncher

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Reflate and FreeArc Sepr decruncher

Postby inc » 08 Oct 2016 01:04

i just managed the process for this highly coveted and super packed sepr files in a tool that decrunch all the sepr files in your games folder or what ever.

You can use this tool in your Inno Setup too.

how does it work:
    - the decrunching tool is scanning the complete whole directory including its sub folder for the high compressed sepr files.
    - the tool show 2 progressbar while the whole installation. 1 progressbar is showing the current file copy and the other progressbar the complete all over installation progress.

    - added too, a information output to show exactly what happen while installing --> files left to decrunch and so on. see screenshot

    - the tool depack each sepr into a temp dir in its folder where it is stored, rebuild the original game file and delete all unnecessary crap after success.
    - after success, only the original files (game files or what ever) will be left in the folders.
    - managed to hold maximum free disc space all over the decrunch time

the tool correspond with the following files (some of them are not used but kept in the package.) and command args:
    - arc.exe
    - raw2hif.exe
    - rawdet.exe
    - rawrest.exe
    - sepr.exe
    - zlib1.dll

Here are the nasty and dusty batch command lines (you know who you are):
    arc x -ep1 -i2 -w. -dp./ "%%~na.tar"
    arc x -ep1 -i2 -w. -dp.\temp "*.sepr"
    raw2hif d%level% temp\%%~na.unp %%a temp\%%~na.raw
    rawrest temp\.out temp\.str %2 temp\

this batch command lines are strange and came from a spanish wannabe.

the whole args where rewritten in real code and now managed in one comfortable exe tool. no one need no longer this ridiculously batch files that are totally unintelligible bullshit.

so, allow me to ask: who are you, that wrote this childish lines and why so foolish?




If you found this text through google or another prefered search engine and be interested in this tool, drop a line and explain your intention, suggestions, wishes or what ever to get a customized copy.

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Re: Reflate and FreeArc Sepr decruncher

Postby WhiteWolf » 08 Oct 2016 08:36

This is class stuff m8te reminds me a bit of the good old gameripping days when there were only 56k internet connections
Groups like class and myth ripped pc games left out movie files or other crap and packed the files in a much smaller package then they used something like your code to pack and depack the gamefiles and install the much smaller game.
A lot of these releases were brought out on so called warez cds in the netherlands we had the famous Twilight cds that were brought out every month.
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