[TOOL] NFO Maker ASCii / ANSi BBcode Release Tool by iNC

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[TOOL] NFO Maker ASCii / ANSi BBcode Release Tool by iNC

Postby WhiteWolf » 18 Aug 2016 21:50

Hi everyone my buddy iNC has coded a great release tool for BBcode running php board scripts like we run here.
The release tool makes it possible for the end user to post amazing proffesional detailed releases.
The tool is really great and quite handy to use.
iNC has done so many great tools in the past and a lot are posted here on AfterMath but i think he has forgotten about this one ???
So thats why i decided to share it here. (hope you dont mind buddy)

iNC his post about this release tool has been quoted from another forum and copied here by me WhiteWolf for AfterMath Creations.


i programmed a Tool to create NFOs and BBCode for some Release Groups or Uploader to add their own Releases @ some Boards or what ever.

for all information about the usage, please check the readme.txt .

i hope someone might need it.

Any suggestion? A new option wanted? let me know...




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