How to share your pictures/screenshots/artworks

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How to share your pictures/screenshots/artworks

Postby WhiteWolf » 28 Apr 2016 21:14

@ AfterMath members: to prevent unavailable linked pictures, artworks

Please create a account @ Postimage
it's a 100% free image hoster.

Upload your pictures and link em to posts in the AfterMath forum.

Please DO NOT Direct link (HOTLINK) a image from other Websites Forum blogs or whatever on AfterMath.

If you want to do that, make a screenshot with lightshot or some equal you like to use
(freeware download of lightshot can be found in the attachment of this post )

Than upload the picture to your own Postimage account.

If you all post images like mentioned in this Rule on AfterMath, we keep all postings 100% complete with images.

We don't have the problem when the hotlinked site goes down or remove the picture from the linked address,
but than, pictures in AfterMath threads will be missed.

Thank you for your coorporation.
the AfterMath Creations Team
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