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[C++] Tooll2 code @ github

Postby WhiteWolf » 02 May 2016 19:34

Tooll2 is a new multi-purpose application for creating interactive 3d content and animations.
It combines the best aspects of animation, compositing, and coding into a lightweight and intuitive UI.
Your designs can be shared as executable or rendered to movies.

Information what tooll2 is about :


Some creations made with tooll2




For now only the code has been released on Github Framefield

This is how to compile with visual studio 2013 :

1. Download both repos (tooll and tooll_operators as zip files)
2. Compile the tooll project with VS2013 Express (you get Tooll.exe in your root tooll master dir)
3. Create Operators folder in the root dir tooll master
4. Copy everything from tooll_operators-master.zip to the Operators folder.
5. Clean up everything from Config folder of the master tooll dir (or at least delete lines with non-existent file/dir references from all the config files).
6. Copy assets-common dir from Coronoid demo (http://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=65256) the master tooll dir. You may want to copy some missing files from Libs and Config and assets-coronoid from Coronoid as well.
7. Start Tooll.exe and it should start making definitions for operators and then open an interface to load song, waveform snapshot, demo title, etc.
8. If everything is done correctly, then Tooll2 should open and work OK.

Here are some youtube tutorials about Tooll2 by : Pixtur
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