PureBasic : Atari ST remakes - from start to finish by KrazyK

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PureBasic : Atari ST remakes - from start to finish by KrazyK

Postby WhiteWolf » 01 Jan 2017 20:22

This tutorial was originally posted and released on DBF by our friend KrazyK
Reposted at http://www.aftermath-creations.net by WhiteWolf


There have been a few other tutorials in here over the years so I thought I would add my own but this one is purely designed for remaking Atari ST cracktros in PureBasic. Like the other ST ones there are a few tools which I have provided in the zip along with the PDF I have put together recently.
This tut rips apart D-Bug cracktro and puts it neatly together with all the relevant parts with the code included.
More complex tuts will follow if anyone finds it handy.

Scripts and samples in the attachments area of this post.
Thanks KrazyK for the permission to use this great tutorial here.

Remake Tutorial #1.zip
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Re: PureBasic : Atari ST remakes - from start to finish by KrazyK

Postby Ar-S » 12 May 2017 00:31

Thanks for sharing but... KK_Windows... ???


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