[Update] 2 New board sections...

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[Update] 2 New board sections...

Postby WhiteWolf » 08 Jan 2017 20:22

We have added 2 new sections to our board.

1: in Tools & Tutorials we have added a Emulators section.
Wel thats pretty simple we also give attention and room to the intro/demo remakers scene.
These remakes and their contents are mostly ripped with use of emulator software.
To get deeper into this remakes ripping scene we have opened the emulators area so people can share their setups or needed tools there.

2: in Coders & Coding we have added the GLSL section.
OpenGL Shading Language is a coding language thats being used a lot into the demoscene today.
It has great possibilities and features and its compatible with a lot of other coding languages.
So its worth to have a separated area for this unique but complicated GLSL coding language.
There already is a nice 5 chapter course posted by me to get you started with this.

We hope you al like these new AfterMath Scene board areas. ( Lets get the party started :icon_barbar: )
(¯`·._.·currently working on Windows CODEF_Editor Tool Project.·._.·´¯)

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